Virtual Organising

What is virtual organising with Tidy Up Helper?

Using the acronym SMILE I’ll support, motivate, instruct, listen and encourage you through the whole process of decluttering and organising your space virtually.

What a strange word virtual, which can mean not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so. Ok not helpful in describing virtual organising. Let me explain in my own simple language.

How on earth do I get this clutter sorted virtually?

The answer is simple.

First of all you need a mobile phone, laptop, computer or tablet.

You need to have FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, What’s App, Viber or another video messaging app.

You then call or send a message to Tidy Up Helper to make contact.

We then arrange a time to talk through what you need help with. This is usually up to 20 min of a free consultation over the phone or video messaging for you to explain your situation and for us to discuss how we’ll work together  virtually to help get you organised.

Make the initial contact and from their I’ll support, motivate, instruct, listen and encourage you to follow through with the tasks tailored made especially for your situation and help ensure the work gets completed.

Support: sometimes you just need that little bit of  non judgmental support outside of your family and friends. I’m here to reassure you and support you through the whole process.

Motivate: you know that voice in your head that says I’m going to get this done and then you get distracted and do something else, you know what I mean, yes procrastinating. I’m here to get you on track, to stick to a plan and keep you motivated.

Instruct: We all need guidance sometimes from suggestions to some instructions to follow, a tailored made to do list.

Listen: Decluttering and organising can be an emotional journey. Something as simple as a scarf can have huge emotional ties and through this process we question whether we are ready to let go of things or if we need more time with certain items. You may want to talk through some of these things or maybe you know exactly what you need and want to do. I’m here not to just instruct but equally to listen and understand.

Encourage: Having decided on a clear goal and the steps required to achieve that goal, I’m here as your accountability partner. Don’t worry it’s not like I’m going to be cracking the whip and hounding you. No, life’s too short for that. It can also be fun and I’m here to give you all the encouragement and reassurance you require.

Free 20 min consultation. You tell me all about what it is exactly you need help with organising. It would be helpful if it was a video chat and or you send photos of the space so I can see exactly what we’re dealing with. We’ll discuss  your goals and how we’ll work together  virtually to help get you organised.

Option 1: I work with you to create a tailored made plan, with a step by step approach for you to complete the work by yourself. This is by video chat and we discuss  your options. This will be done over 1 hour. This will be followed up within a timeframe applicable to each client with another video chat to see how progress is being made and to further discuss ways of helping you continue with your organising and decluttering.

The cost of the  first hour after initial consultation  is €120 and also includes the follow up video chat.

Option 2: All of option 1 and I stay with you via video link for an agreed length of time as you get to work physically sorting through the built up clutter and I support you through the process.

The cost is €120 for the first hour and €35 an hour thereafter

Payment to be made when  booking your time slot.

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